Cubix 95 – Upcoming events

03/22/2016 Update to Demo Start

Due to the delay of the electrical service disconnect, the demo has been shifted to Monday the 28th.  The balance of the schedule/notes below will remain accurate at this time.

03/22/2016 New Post

As you may have noticed, we are sitting.  We were hoping to start the demo on Monday, but we are having scheduling issues with Seattle City Light getting the power disconnected.  As soon as that occurs, we will be starting our Demo.

03-21-2016 Project start date for demo of the existing structure – We will be moving in machinery to demolish and remove the existing structure.  This will take approximately 1 week.  The machinery will be a large excavator tractor, removal will be by multiple dump trucks that will be loaded in the street in front of 714 N. 95th

4-4-2016  Approximate start date for the sewer line extension in the street.  We are required by SDOT to extend the existing sewer line from the front of 714 to the east about 65 feet.  The process will begin with some survey work, then saw cutting of the existing street panels.  About April 6th or so, we will begin removing the concrete street panels and installing the new sewer line.  We will cover any exposed work each night with a driveable steel panel, traffic flow will be disrupted during the days and restored in the evenings.  This process will last about 2 weeks.

4-15-2016   Start of the excavation for the foundation of our new building.

714 95th Ave Parking Policy

Greetings Neighbors!

We are on track to begin work on our apartment building at 714 N 95th St in late March.  We will be updating you with details at as we solidify our schedule .

In the meantime, we have agreed to provide a parking policy for our subcontractors and suppliers during the construction process.  It consists of the following elements:

  1. Subs and suppliers are never to block driveways or accesses.
  2. We will make reasonable efforts to direct construction related parking to lower-trafficked streets. Our goal is to preserve 95th for loading, unloading, and deliveries.
  3. We will actively encourage all subs and suppliers to park on Fremont Ave for longer periods.

We will monitor our workers to ensure that this policy is honored.  In the event you should observe non-compliance with this policy, please feel free to contact our project manager, Dan Anable, at anable at parkstonenw dot com (preferred), or 206-782-9299.