04-15-2016 Progress Update

We have received approval for the Street Improvement Permit (SIP) and our Pre-Construction meeting with Seattle Department of Transportation is scheduled for next Wednesday the 20th.  We need to determine the daily schedule of the work after that meeting, we have some juggling to do since the shoring portion of our onsite work is scheduled to start on Monday the 25th.

I will post updates as we determine the work schedule.

Regarding parking issues; we will continue to make reasonable efforts to minimize the effects of our project on neighborhood parking.  I have spoke with our site work contractor and they are dropping off supplies with their pickup trucks, then parking off of Fremont and 95th.  They will also keep someone on site to keep the sidewalk clean and clear of tools and debris.

Please note: once we start the SIP work, we will be closing the sidewalk in front of our property in order to complete the upgrades that we are required to perform by SDOT.

Thank you for your patience with this process.

One thought on “04-15-2016 Progress Update

  1. Hello All,

    Adding to the above thread:
    Today we completed our meeting with the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, who is in charge of the SIP work. We will be starting the work on Monday. We will be starting with cutting the concrete, then proceeding with the sewer extension in N. 95th.
    Thursday afternoon I will give a more in depth update relating to the schedule.

    Thank you,

    Dan Anable


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