05-26-2016 Progress Update

Hello All,

We will be starting our foundation work June 1.  Finally!  This phase will last about 3 weeks.

We won’t be replacing the street panels until the foundation is in place.  So, there is not much to report this week in terms of how the neighborhood and street use is impacted. Basically, we will be current status for about 3 more weeks.

As always, feel free to reply with any  questions or comments.

Thank you.


SDOT Parking Strip Decision

Last year, several neighbors requested that we explore removing the parking strip outside of our building during construction, in order to provide more room for passing cars, pulling out, et cetera.  Accordingly, we agreed to petition SDOT to empower us to grant this request and report back.

The first reply we got was reluctant, but not definitive.  As we are nearing the time when we have to make a decision, we had our transportation engineer follow up and request a firm answer.  We just received SDOT’s reply: a firm “no”.  Here is the uncut answer from Ms. Tammy Frederick of SDOT:

I discussed this again with Trevor Partap our Traffic Operations reviewer and the curb needs to be moved out as approved on the plans for safety/traffic calming reasons.  The curb alignment on the street is odd and the goal is to make this street a typical residential street with parking on both sides to reduce speeds.

Our plan is to proceed in compliance with SDOT’s decision.  However, in the (unlikely, I suspect) event that SDOT can be persuaded to change its position on this matter, we would be happy to revisit the issue. As we can build out the new curb either way without substantial added expense, we would prefer to act in accordance with the surrounding community’s wishes.

Thank you for your patience as we have tried to chase this matter down!

2016-05-13 Project Update

Most of our street work is completed.  We have the water line and gas line to install, which will each take some time to be completed.

On site we passed our plumbing inspection today.  Monday will be clearing out the foundation hole in preparation for the foundation crew to start on Wednesday.  That is all that will be happening on site this coming week.

Off site street work, we are preparing for replacement of the street panels.  I will need to work with SDOT to schedule the demo of the street panels that are to be replaced, and re-poured.  Likely, this will not happen until the following week.

As always, I will update the blog post if there are any changes to our published schedule.

Thank you.


05/06/2016 Project Update

Earlier this week we completed the sewer extension and the side sewer portion (the sewer line that extends from the main in the street to the north to our site) of our project.  This means that we are finished working underground in the middle of the road.  The next step is to remove and replace the necessary street panels, as far as the sewer line is concerned.

Next week we are planning on connecting and installing the storm detention system.  This is basically where rain and ground water goes.  There is a large holding tank on our site that is installed, which is also connected to a pipe in the street.  The location of this work is primarily on our site, and out into the street about 10′ from the sidewalk, for the connecting pipe.

On site, our plumber is installing drain lines that will be under our foundation.  These will be tying into the new sewer line that has been completed.

Over the next week you can expect:

  • Plumber to be working daily on site.
  • Site crews and inspectors wrapping up the sewer line (the big ditch in the front of our site) and working on the storm system on Tuesday.
  • Fewer dump trucks in and out as the excavation is 90% completed.  Mostly just the single CR dump truck.
  • I am working with the concrete contractor to schedule the repair/replacement of the concrete street panels that can be repaired at this point.  This will keep the road closed for a couple of weeks while we remove the street panels that need to be replaced, and then re-pour them as required by SDOT.

As any new information becomes known, I will update with it here on the blog.