06/20/2016 Project Update

Hello all,

We are on schedule as noted in the previous post.

I will be on family vacation this week.  For any questions or concerns please contact our Project Engineer, Kellen Anable.

Kellen Anable

(206) 782-9299 Office
(206) 679-9325 Direct
(206) 299-1228 Fax

Of course, you may also contact Dave Hanson at Dave@nexgenhp.com

Thank you for your patience.

06-17-2016 Project Update

Hello All,

Here is the schedule of events for our site over the next several days:

  • Saturday 6/18 Survey foundation wall heights
  • Monday 6/20 Foundation inspection by Seattle DCI
  • Wednesday 6/22 Foundation wall pour – This will last all day with concrete trucks coming one after the other until the pour and clean up are completed which has the potential to last until 7:00pm
  • Thurs – Saturday  Strip and stack the forms for removal from the site.  The crews will likely work on Saturday the 25th.
  • Monday 6/27 Waterproof the foundation wall – this triggers the start of the foundation stage.

UPCOMING:  It is our plan to start and complete most of the street panel repair during the backfill stage.  The area not repaired will only be the area in directly in front of our lot while we wait for our new water service.  To complete this process we will remove and repair half of the street at a time.  The projected start of this work is after the 4th of July.  I will post more information as I get it.

I will be on family vacation next week.  My assistant will be monitoring the site frequently and will be on site during concrete pour.  If there is any questions or concerns you can contact Dave Hanson at David@nexgenhp.com.

Thank you.




06/15/16 Project Update

Hello All,

We are moving along with the forming of the foundation walls and related work.  The crew is now installing the structural steel that will be encased in the concrete.  We are hoping for our inspection of that steel on Friday.  We should be pouring concrete on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

What to expect out of the foundation wall concrete pour.  The pump truck will arrive in the morning, sometime between 7 and 9 am.  The concrete trucks will start to arrive shortly after that, and continue all day.  The footings took about 90 yards of concrete, the walls will take about 160 yards as a comparison.  The concrete pour of the foundation walls will take all day.

Whats next.  Generally the next day after the wall pour, a crew arrives to start removing the form panels.  The removal, stacking and transportation of the panels is a big job and takes a few days.  There will be a truck parked in front of our lot each day to stack and transport the panels for removal.

The backfill portion comes after the wall panels are removed and the site is cleaned up and is scheduled to start on the 27th of June.

Regarding parking. Thank you for your patience and input.  We are continually instructing the sub contractors to park in the area west of Fremont Ave.  I am aware that on occasion this procedure has been missed and we will be vigilant to hold to that policy.

Thank you.


06/06/2016 Project Update

Good morning,

I have a couple of items to update:

  • Footing inspection – we are scheduled with the DCI to have our inspection today.  We will be pouring the concrete for our footings tomorrow about 1:30.  This means the concrete pump truck will arrive on site roughly 1 hour prior to that time to set up.  The road will be blocked during this time.  The approximate duration will be 3 – 4 hours.
  • Saturday work – Seattle ordinances allow for work on weekends and holidays between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm.  The ordinances do not differentiate between holidays and weekends.  Our company policy is to allow weekend work between 9 and 5.  However we do not build our project schedule to utilize Saturday as a work day.  Saturday work will not be a regular event.  I will make every effort to forewarn the neighborhood via this blog.



06-03-2016 Project Update

We are into the formwork of our footings and foundation.  Next week we will be pouring the concrete for the footings.  When I have that exact date I will post the date on the Blog.

The process of the pouring the concrete will be inconvenient, to say the least.  We will have a concrete pump truck parked on the front portion of our lot, as close to the foundation hole as possible.  Behind that will be a concrete truck, parked in the street.  The street will be blocked at this location.  I anticipate the entire process to take 4 – 6 hours, for one day.

Again, as soon as I have more exact timing information I will pass it on.

No progress to report on the street repairs this week.  We are waiting to repair the street until the concrete pouring is completed on site.

Thank you.