Email following enabled

Just a brief update.  At the request of one of our neighbors, I did track down a way to enable email subscriptions to the blog, so that anyone who wishes may receive email updates.  Simply put the email address you’d like to use in the “follow” box in the upper right corner of the blog.  The outlined previously will still work, but this subscription method is simpler.


Receiving email alerts for Blog Upates

Hello all,

We were just asked about receiving email alerts for when we have construction updates.  While we have answered this question before, it’s been some time, so I thought I would offer another brief tutorial.

WordPress, our blog host, does not offer an internal tool for email alerts that we know of. (If anyone who knows of a plug-in or add-on that offers this functionality, please let us know.)  However, one can get email updates for this or most other sites by signing up for notifications  at . This site is cost- and ad-free , and it allows the user to customize how and when they receive alerts.  I tested it when the blog went live, and again just before posting this to make sure there are no glitches.

We did also consider administering an email list where we would “push” information to people  who asked.  However, we couldn’t figure out a way to do this that would match the reliability of a “pull” / “opt-in” solution like .  There are several reasons for this.  First, email addresses change, as do the residents near our project who use email.  As you might imagine, we are generally not aware of when this happens.  We have also found that when we do email–as in response to a neighbor’s question or concern–the emails will often bounce due to full email boxes or bad addresses.  In addition, the information we need to disseminate will sometimes change rapidly.  We could send out several emails a day when this happens, but are very mindful of not adding more unwanted email to everyone’s inbox.  If email recipients control the alert settings, they can control whether they get a new email every time we change the blog–even if it’s just a few words–or only when their are substantial changes.

Having said that, we want to be responsive to the wishes of our neighbors and other stakeholders. If you have a different suggestion for how notifications are handled, we will respectfully consider it.  Also, if you are having issues with , I will be happy to assist you in getting signed up.  Simply email me at david at nexgenhp dot com , and I will help as soon as I can.

Thank you for your attention to this post, and for your patience as we’ve gone through a particularly trying construction period.  I hope you enjoy the lovely weekend!

Regards, Dave



7/29/2016 Project Update

Hello All,

Our street panels are repoured!

Please stay off of the new concrete until Saturday morning.  Our project engineer will be by the project Saturday morning to remove the cones and barricades.  If for any reason the fresh concrete is damaged, SDOT will require us to remove the panel and we all go through this process again.  None of us want that.

Our dirt work is generally completed, at least for now.  We still need to install our electrical supply, water supply and some retaining walls, however this work will not occur for about 5 weeks.  I will update our blog when appropriate.

This week’s work schedule is pretty simple:

Saturday – Removal of barricade and cones around new street concrete.  CR construction will be by to “rake” out the rock on our site up to the new street to protect that edge, load the remaining machine on a trailer for removal and leave.  I anticipate that entire process taking less than 3 hours, beginning some time after 9:00 am.

Monday – Friday – This coming week will be relatively quiet.  We will be completing some minor repairs and “housekeeping” type work on our site.  Please note: There will be one day that will be noisy, a crew will be coming onto our site to cut concrete.  This is site related, not driveway, related.  In fact, the area of work is on the west side of our building.

The following week, our framing crew will be starting.  I have informed them of our parking rules, work hours, etc.  Please note, they may choose to park on site, in front of our site as is permitted.

Thank you for your patience during the street work.

7/27/2016 Project update

Street repair update/reminder –

Today, July 27th, we re-poured the concrete on the south side of the street.  We will remove the cones around the affected area when the concrete is sufficiently cured, some time Thursday afternoon.

Tomorrow we will be removing the concrete panels on the street on the north side.

This will primarily affect the townhouses to the east of our site. While we will not be on the driveway, the driveway itself will be impassable during construction hours (as required by our approved permit).  Once the street demo is completed in that portion, we will put a steel plate over the removed area to restore access.

We are on track to re-pour the north portion Friday.  As indicated last week, access to the driveway will not be available for 24 hours after the concrete is installed, likely Saturday afternoon.

Please be aware that if anyone drives on the concrete prior to sufficient curing, the process and disruption will have to be repeated.

UPDATE – 3:30 pm

SDOT requires a sealant to be applied to the fresh concrete.  This may cause a temporary odor.  It is designed to be a quick release, but the duration of the smell is contingent on weather conditions.  Simply giving a heads up on this item.

Thank you for your patience.


7/20/2016 Project Update

Street Repair Update and Schedule

We have established the previously discussed street repair schedule and submitted for approval with SDOT.  Pending approval our schedule of events is as follows:

Friday 7-22     Install no parking signs on both sides of N. 95th street noting dates of 7/25 to 7/30 @ 8:00 am

Monday 7-25     Remove the street panels that SDOT has identified on the south side of the street, providing access to the one affected driveway with steel panels.

Tuesday 7-26    Prep and SDOT inspection

Wednesday     Pour the concrete on the south side

Thursday    Remove the concrete on the north side and inspection

Friday     Re-pour north side of the street

Monday August 1     Remove all no parking signs, road closed signs, etc.  Our street repairs are complete.  We will still need to install the new curb and sidewalk in front of our property, but that won’t be for a number of months.

SDOT requires a specific concrete mix, that sets up and is passable to traffic after 12 hours.  Feel free to drive on the new portion of street the day following the pour.

Thank you for your patience with this process.

7/15/2016 Progress Update

Hello All,

Here is the basic schedule and updates for onsite work for the upcoming week of 7/18:

Saturday 7/16 – No anticipated work will be performed

Monday and Tuesday – Continuation of backfill of soils on our site.  We should be completed with this stage of backfill by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday are prep for the concrete slabs that are to be poured on Friday the 22nd.

Friday the 22nd, pour interior concrete slabs


Offsite work

Monday – Thursday is simply support for the onsite work.  Friday we will be pouring the concrete slabs so we will have a concrete pump truck and concrete delivery trucks similar to the foundation pour, however this pour does not have the same quantity of concrete, the trucks will be in the street for a shorter period of time.

We will not be starting our street repair work until the following week, the week of the 25th to the 29th.  We are tentatively scheduled to pour concrete for the street repair on Wed the 27th and Friday the 29.  Next week I will post more complete information as I have it.

Thank you.

7/12/2016 Progress update

Hello All,

This post pertains to our neighbors directly to the East of our project as a heads up to a change in anticipated process.

We had anticipated to use a conveyor belt to place our backfill material to the back of our building, trying to avoid using the driveway, but we will not be able to do so.  Our only option is to use a small machine to transport the material to the back of lot on the driveway.  We will be using a small rubber track machine, similar to a large “Bobcat”.

We are placing steel plates and sheets of OSB to protect the driveway from any damage.   The machine will drive on this material.

There will not be a machine parked on the driveway, so access will not be prohibited in any way.  I have instructed CR Construction to keep access clear at all times, and there should not be any issue with this.  The machine will be going back and forth from the front to the back, using the driveway as access to the back of our  lot.

I am simply providing a heads up to a process change.