November 29th Update

Hello All,

I hope you all had a good November Holiday.

Our project will be busy this week.  Specifically I want to address site work progress and scheduling and any potential neighborhood effects.

Starting on Wednesday the 30th, we will be installing the drainage and rear retaining wall along the east side of our project.  

This task includes cutting some concrete driveway along our building to create a space about 14” wide, removing the concrete and soil in this space, installing a pipe in the new ditch and covering with gravel.  This pipe will continue along our the entire length of our building to connect the front with the back.  We will be reconstructing the retaining wall on the north east property line of our site, and installing drainage basins as required, and replacing the pathway gravel along our neighbor to the northeast during this phase as well.

This process will require us to use our driveway to access the back of our property and work along the side of our building.  As in other cases, we will take care to allow others driveway access.   Should something or someone be momentarily impeding access as they go about their work, our subs are instructed to remove the impediment promptly and courteously.

The approximate schedule of this process will be:

  • Wednesday the 30th through Friday the 2nd – Cut the driveway and start the drainage installation.
  • Friday the 2nd and into the following week, install the retaining wall and complete the final grade and gravel installation.
  • (please note, schedule dates are approximate and could change due to weather and contractor delays)

Thank you.

Nov. 20th to Dec. 3rd Project Update

Hello All,

Our project update for Thanksgiving week and the subsequent week is as follows:

  • Electrician starts Monday the 21st
  • Plumber will have an occasional 2 or 3 man crew over the next weeks, until their work is signed off by the city.
  • The weather barrier crew will be wrapped up by Thanksgiving, weather permitting.
  • Our Mechanical ventilation crew will be onsite for the next two weeks.
  • Our site work crew will start by Monday the 28th.  They may start sooner if they are finished with their current project elsewhere, but will be no later than Monday the 28th.  Once they get started, there will be impact on the driveway to install the drainage along side our building – I will update as scheduling information is available.
  • Starting Monday the 28th, a crew will be staring the installation of the windows.  Again, as the exact schedule presents itself, we will update the blog regarding any potential impact on the access driveway.
  • I have had discussions with each subcontractor regarding expected work on Friday after Thanksgiving and everyone has said they are taking the full 4 day weekend off.  I have told them if they do decide to work, to apply holiday hours to each day.   Our employees are not working over the full 4 days and have not asked any sub-contractor to work.

We will not be making any general blog posts next week.  We will post any incidental scheduling items, but not a general update until Dec 2.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


11/16 Construction Notice

Hello All,

As we have posted for previous weeks, our weather barrier crew is working around our building, applying a liquid membrane to the exterior of the building.  The weather has been in our favor for a change and they are making good progress, working around our building and now they are to the east side of the project.

Please be aware that on Friday, November 18th our crew will be working on the east side of the property, along the shared driveway.  While access will not be blocked for most vehicles, they will be working in that area. We ask that, if possible, neighbors avoid using the driveway between the time of 10am to 2pm. If weather cooperates it shouldn’t take any longer. If you must use the driveway, we ask that you proceed with caution and awareness of the crew present.

Normally we would give more notice but this work is weather-dependent. We now have an acceptable weather window to finish the work Friday. Please note, the crew will be putting down plastic to protect the driveway from drips. They will clean up when complete.

Thank you for your patience.


Nov. 13 – Nov. 19

Hello All,

Framers are finally wrapping up, our roof is going on and this coming week we will be applying our weather barrier.

We are in the phase of construction that requires sub contractors to be working on the structure than a week per task.  So, this week we will have:  Weather Barrier Crews, Roofers, Plumbers, Mechanical Crews, and the Electrician is starting.  Most of those crews will continue into next week too.

With this number of crews, we will continue to alert the workers to our parking rules and requirements.

Thank you all for your patience.