Feb 6 to March 6 Project Update

Hello All,

Good news, the siders finished early on the portion of our building that borders our shared driveway.  The pump jacks will not be returning for a couple of months, once they are removed.  We will need them to install the green wall on our building, but that is the exception, the balance of required work will be off of ladders.

This coming week will consist of exterior painting  and interior work.

The next week will be much the same, with no real change until we start site work retaining walls and walks.

I will be out of town the end of next week, so don’t expect any additional information, unless something urgent demands it.

As always, thank you for your patience.


Feb. 19 to Feb. 25 Project Update

Hello All,

We are going to be entering our insulation phase of our project on the interior.  This will be late the week of the 19th and the neighborhood impact will be deliveries largely on our site.

On the exterior, the siders will be wrapping up the week of the 19th too.  The largest impact to the neighborhood will be the work on the final exterior wall on our building.  This will begin Tuesday the 21st.  The siders will be setting up their pump jacks as tight to our building as possible, along the driveway on the east portion of our property.  These will not block the driveway access, but it will make it narrower.  Please access with caution as workers will be on this device.  The siding company estimates this task to take 5 working days, Tuesday to Tuesday.  Thank you for your cooperation in this process.

The gas meter has been installed and the street work is completed for a couple of months, when we resume the curb and sidewalk repairs.

Lastly, virtually all crews will be working on Monday, Presidents Day.

Thank you for your patience in this process.

Feb 12 to Feb 19 Project update

Good morning all.

Our coming week at the project is going to be busy.  The siders and roofers return to complete the building on Monday and on the inside we will be having a lot of city inspections.  One all inspections are completed the insulation process will begin a week from Monday.

The siding and roofing completion will take around two weeks and the last portion will be the common wall on the driveway to the east.   More details will come on that topic in the coming days, but the task wont be until the following week.

Some time this week PSE will be installing our gas line to the building.  This is the reason for the no parking signs, they install them.  PSE does not give any detail of what day or time of their work, they just show up.  Its frustrating to me too.

If I get an update or change I will immediately post the information.

Thank you all for your patience.

Feb. 5 to Feb. 11 Project Update

Hello All,

Our upcoming week will consist of City of Seattle inspections.  Our sub contractor traffic will diminish significantly to only a pick up crew and inspectors.  At the end of the week we will be starting our insulation phase.

Insulation installation will take a couple of weeks and the local impact will consist of a larger box truck parked on our lot to deliver and install the insulation.

As an upcoming note: we will be stocking drywall starting on Friday, February 17th and starting again on Monday the 20th (Not including the weekend).  There will be a few days which we will be unloading trucks of drywall, which will delay traffic.

Thank you for you patience in this process.