April 28 to May 8th Project Update

Hello All,

We are on track toward completion per my last post.  I anticipate concrete trucks on site next Tuesday or Wednesday for the retaining wall footings in the front yard, and maybe the wall portion at the end of the week.  We will then be pouring our onsite sidewalks following that.  When the onsite sidewalks are completed, we will wrap up the concrete phase with the street repairs, curb and sidewalk.

Once the curb and gutter are installed, we will begin the landscape installation

I am anticipating the exterior to be generally completed by mid June.

On the inside, we are completing the drywall for the next week and a half, then moving into the interior finish trades.

Thank you all for your patience.

4/21 to 4/30 Project update

Hello all.

We have a forecasted sunny day!  Yea.  Today, 4/21, we will have a large crew of painters attempting to complete the bulk of the exterior paint of our project.  After today we can expect some touch up requirements after the landscape is wrapped up.

In the near future we can expect:

4/24 and 4/25 – final exterior grading

4/26 to 5/10 various concrete pours as we complete the remaining retaining walls and sidewalks

5/15 Irrigation and landscape installation

On the interior we will be continuing the drywall phase for 2 more weeks.

Thank you for your patience in the process

4-11-2017 Progress Note

Hello All,

On Wednesday the 12th we will have our retaining walls inspected by Seattle DCI.  We are planning on pouring the retaining walls on Thursday the 13th.  Please be prepared for some partial road blockage during the pour.

This is the first portion of our concrete work.  We will be completing our remaining concrete work in about 2 weeks – I will post updates as I we get closer.

Thank you.


4-6-17 Project Update

Hello All,

We have been made aware of some parking and staging issues associated with our lot.  We are taking steps to remedy the blocking issues and the other challenges related to a crowded street and our workers blocking driveway access.

As an additional note, we have a concrete pour scheduled for Friday the 7th in the afternoon.  I will be sure to have Parkstone workers on site during the pour to prevent any driveway blockages.

This concrete is for the footing stage of our retaining walls.

Thank you for your patience with this construction process.