July 17th to Aug. 1 Project Update

Good morning all –

We are nearing completion of our project.  We have started having the many inspections that work toward our final certificate of occupancy, which we are planning for by August 1st.

Over the coming weeks we continue to have deliveries and sub contractors complete their tasks.  One such task is the metal guard rails, hand rails and the green wall on the east side of our building.  This has been ordered and is in fabrication, and should be completed mid August.  We also have 2 more appliance deliveries that will come later this week and early next.

Other than the railings and green wall, there are not any remaining events of any significant impact on the neighborhood

Thank you for your patience in the process.

Week of 7-1 to week of 7-16

Hello All,

We are on the final push toward completion.  We are hoping to have our inspection process wrapped up by the end of July.

Today I was made aware of a parking issue by the landscaping truck.  I will discuss deliveries with the drivers and contractors again.  Once a delivery is completed we will have the trucks removed as quickly as prudent.

That said, we will be having many deliveries of appliances, materials, etc over the coming weeks.  We will do our best to keep close to the curb, off load the product and have the delivery truck removed asap.  This Monday morning we will have such a delivery.

Regarding the planting strip on the south side of our sidewalk, we were required to install this area by SDOT.  We requested a variance, and were rejected.  I am aware that neighbors have also requested a variance of this SDOT requirement, these were also refused.  This is what we have to work with and we will do our best to park as tight as possible to the curb, and will absolutely abide by all Seattle laws.

As always, thank you for your patience in the process.  We are almost done!